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      The following terms and conditions are applicable to all Users of the website owned by Bemybabysitteraarhus. By being a User on this website you hereby represent and warrant to abide by these terms and conditions.


      1. ABOUT


      1.1. Definitions


      This website is owned and operated by Bemybabysitteraarhus c/o Jacklyn Chantry (hereinafter “Bemybabysitteraarhus”).


      In these terms and conditions, “Babysitter” includes any person offering child care services via the website, both as a babysitter or nanny, and “Parent” includes a parent or guardian of a child or anyone else looking for a Babysitter through the website. “User” includes all registered users on Bemybabysitteraarhus’ website.


      1.2. Bemybabysitteraarhus


      The purpose of Bemybabysitteraarhus is to provide an online (website based) forum to help connect foreign families living in Aarhus with Babysitters, who are fluent in the families’ mother tongue. This is accomplished through online profiles of each Babysitter, which makes it possible for the Parents to search for, and communicate with a specific Babysitter.


      Bemybabysitteraarhus meet all Babysitters in person before their profiles are posted online. This is done to verify the identity and authenticity of each Babysitter.


      1.3. Limitations of service


      Bemybabysitteraarhus’ services are limited to offering a forum for Babysitters and Parents to communicate directly between each other. Therefore Bemybabysitteraarhus do not supply or introduce Babysitters to Parents.


      Although Bemybabysitteraarhus meet each Babysitter in person, all screenings are limited and are not a complete assessment of the Babysitters suitability as a babysitter. All Babysitters manage and write their own profiles on the website, and Bemybabysitteraarhus do not assume responsibility for the accuracy or truth of the information provided in each Babysitter profile.


      Therefore Bemybabysitteraarhus cannot be held reliable for the legality, quality or timing of the services provided by the Babysitter, nor of the responsibility, honesty or actions of the Babysitter. Furthermore Bemybabysitteraarhus do not make any representations or warranties about the reliability, timeliness, suitability or accuracy of the services provided by the Babysitter.


      Bemybabysitteraarhus is not an employment agency and are not involved in any employment or other relationship between Parents and Babysitters. Therefore it is the Babysitters responsibility to report any earnings to SKAT. Furthermore Bemybabysitter assumes no liability for the declaration of such earnings.

      1.4. Parents responsibilities


      It is the Parents responsibility being a User to select a suitable Babysitter for their family. Thereby Parents are wholly responsible for all aspects of contacting, screening, selecting and employing of a Babysitter. Bemybabysitteraarhus advice all Parents to verify the identity of the Babysitter via Picture ID.


      Furthermore it is the Parents responsibility to comply with all applicable laws. This includes, but is not limited to, verifying that the Babysitter is legally entitled to work in Denmark etc.



      2.1. Eligibility


      To be eligible to use the website and our services, the following criteria must be met:

      1. you must be eighteen years of age or older.
      2. you must be eligible to form legally binding contracts under Danish law.
      3. you must be a Danish citizen or legally entitled resident of Denmark.
      4. you must be permitted to work legally in Denmark.


      Furthermore, as a User of the website, you hereby represent and warrant that you or any member of your household has never been subject to any legal action or criminal offense involving the endangerment or safety of others.


      2.2. Conduct


      The User is wholly responsible for all the information and content the User communicates via the website. Bemybabysitteraarhus is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information or content provided by the User and provides no representation or warranty in such regard.

      All user accounts are exclusive, and for sole personal use. Furthermore all use of the website is limited to search and communication between Parents and Babysitters. Therefore all other use of the website, in any regard, is prohibited.


      Bemybabysitteraarhus preserve the right to delete any user content on the website, if Bemybabysitteraarhus determines that the User content is not within the purpose of the website. Furthermore Bemybabysitteraarhus preserve the right to terminate and delete any User account, if Bemybabysitteraarhus determines that the User, Parent or Babysitter have violated any of the terms and conditions stated herein. This includes the right to terminate access to all or parts of the website.


      Furthermore, all Users represent and warrant that they will not use the website or service in anyway that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, libelous, or racially, sexually, religiously, or otherwise objectionable and offensive.


      2.3. Links to external sites


      Bemybabysitteraarhus do not endorse any links to external sites, nor do Bemybabysitteraarhus endorse any such content, products or advertising presented on such external sites. All Users access such links on their own risk.


      Therefore Bemybabysitteraarhus cannot be held reliable for any liability that may occur from the use of links that appear on the site or in user profiles.



      3.1. Payment and billing


      In order to communicate with Babysitters and in order to use Bemybabysitteraarhus other services, the User must sign up and pay for a premium account in accordance with the Terms for Payment and Termination of account by Bemybabysitteraarhus.


      When signing up for a premium account, the User hereby agrees to pay all subscription charges in accordance with the Terms for Payment and Termination. The amount and frequency of payments may vary depending on the type of subscription selected.


      Furthermore, the User hereby agrees to be charged from the same credit card given, if the User elects to purchase additional services from Bemybabysitteraarhus.


      3.2. Renewal and cancellation


      If not cancelled, all premium accounts will automatically be renewed in accordance with the Terms for Payment and Termination. The renewal will be on the same terms as originally selected.


      Therefore all Users must cancel their subscription plan, if they no longer wish to pay for a premium account.


      3.3. Refund policy


      To the extent permitted by Danish law, Bemybabysitteraarhus do not provide refunds for subscriptions or other services. However Bemybabysitteraarhus may in certain cases provide refunds if Bemybabysitteraarhus at its own discretion finds such refund reasonable.


      3.4. Free trial


      Bemybabysitteraarhus may offer free trial premium accounts from time-to-time. Free trial premium accounts may only have limited access to the websites features.


      If the User does not cancel a free trial premium account before it expires, the free trial account will automatically convert to a premium account, and the User will be charged in accordance with Bemybabysitteraarhus’ monthly subscription plan.




      4.1. Acceptance of risk


      You, as a User, are wholly responsible for your participation, communication and exchange of information on the website, and you use the website at your own risk. All Users hereby agree to be solely responsible for all interactions with other Users, both online and offline.


      4.2. Limitation of liability


      You, the User, hereby agree that Bemybabysitteraarhus cannot be held reliable for any direct or indirect damages, losses or expenses arising out of, or in relation to, the use of the website or Bemybabysitteraarhus’ other services.


      Furthermore, you, the User, hereby agree that Bemybabysitteraarhus’ aggregated liability cannot, in any way or form, exceed the price paid by you in subscription fees. If no subscription fee has been paid, you, the User, agree that the aggregated liability cannot, in any way or form, exceed the amount of DKK 150 or its equivalent.  


      4.3. Indemnification

      You, the User, hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Bemybabysitteraarhus from any claims, losses, expenses or demands of liability by your breach of these terms.


      1. PRIVACY


      5.1. Bemybabysitteraarhus is subject to Danish privacy laws. All sensitive information provided by Users, Parents, and Babysitters will be handled in accordance with these laws.




      6.1. These terms and conditions are governed by Danish law.


      6.2. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled in the court at the town of Bemybabysitteraarhus’ registered address.




      7.1. If you have any questions in regards to the website, the terms or Bemybabysitteraarhus’ services, please contact Bemybabysitteraarhus at:



      Damagervej 22L, 1 Sal, 1 Lejlighed

      8260 Viby J.

      Telephone: +4530572381.

      CVR-NR.: 35 95 90 25

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