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      Name – Paul.
      Nationality: Romanian
      Languages: English (fluent), Romanian (native)

      Hi there! My name is Paul and I study Multimedia Design & Communication in Aarhus.

      I have grown up in a big family with lots of kids and I was the oldest one, so I am used to different types of personalities in the little ones.

      I have attended several summer and daytime camps as a child and when I reached the age of 15 I started a course for becoming a camp counselor myself.
      Afterwards, I started volunteering in several camps and it still is one of my favorite activities.

      More than that, I also worked in an event organizing business and I had several tasks:

      – Dressing up as different characters and interacting with children;

      – Coordinating painting, drawing, crafts classes etc.;

      – Entertained kids at parties.

      Past experience with children ages: 3-13
      I love making children laugh and to encourage them to be creative, to ask questions and to think.

      Some of my hobbies would be playing the piano, music, painting, singing, reading and photography.

      I consider myself an ambitious, loyal and nurturing person. I believe in communication and unrestrained self-expression. (and I also know every scene of “Frozen” by heart) 😊

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