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      Nationality- – Argentine-Italian
      Languages- Spanish, Italian, English.

      My name is Mariana Isadora Rodriguez. I am Argentine-Italian and I have lived in Aarhus for 7 years.

      I am a journalist, multimedia designer and teacher of theatre mime.
      I speak Spanish, English and every day a little more danish. I understand and I like Latin languages and I can communicate with ease.

      I like art and movement. I enjoy working with children because they have an expansive creativity. Because they explain the complex in a simple and direct way. Because I can put into practice my didactic part and deepen the education of children from different angles. I can help them with homework, entertain them and encourage them to discover.

      I am extroverted, optimistic and creative.
      I like to investigate and know new digital tools and applications that can be used to facilitate the daily life of users.
      I am able to plan events and actions in the long or short term. Compare and evaluate the results.
      I am exible and adapt quickly to different scenari- os and new strategies.

      I love being together with children and young people as they are creative, have great imaginations and allow me to enter into their world and use my Mime and theatre skills.

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