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    • Karolina.


      Languages- Polish -Native, English- Fluent,
      German-Fluent, Italian- Advanced, Danish- beginner.

      Hello ,

      I am Karolina, an energetic 24 year old girl from Poland with a head always full of ideas.
      I moved to Aarhus 7 months ago together with my boyfriend (one great italian boy) to start our life here in Denmark.

      I am a passionate interior designer with a degree in Architecture, who enjoys very much staying with children! Characterized by positive and outgoing attitude, creativity and dedication to any undertaken task, I have always been in good relations with them 🙂

      During my short life I had an opportunity to work with children during 3 seasons as an Animator.
      I have worked in the hotels in Spain and Greece where my responsibility was to organize free time for a group of 5-15 children in the age of 4-12 for the 3-months of summer.

      Activities included games, sport, crafts and any kind of integration I could think of.

      Even though great fun was had, I have always put the safety of the kids first. I was also responsible for creating a Kids Show once a week, where my duty was to prepare a 1 hour evening program performed by children that were currently in the hotel.

      Preparing decorations, costumes, practicing the dances together was always a great amount of fun and a great way for the children to create something as a group.
      In addition it equipped me with a lot of patience and understanding, which are both very important while interacting with kids.

      The most challenging task though was to provide integration and encourage the children to play together despite of differences in age, spoken languages or culture, which oftenly means also very different habits and temperament. At the same time found my way to make every of the children feel special and show interest in each one of them individually.

      Thanks to that and other experiences abroad, I developed an ability to speak in 3 foreign languages: english, german and italian. Of course I Am also fluent In polish and I would be more than happy to share any of those skills with Your children 🙂

      Ever Since I was 4 years old, I have participated in an art course, which provided me with an unlimited amount of ideas and abilities for any kind of crafts including drawing, painting, creative sculpturing, sewing, manual handicraft, facepainting and all kinds of DIY.

      I could safely say that the great, inspiring woman that was leading this course taught me how to have a fantasy and how to dream without any limits. I have also lead a couple of art workshops for kids myself and participated in a number of creative projects like The Odyssey of The Mind, where I was a judge.

      From more practical side, I have a driving license cat. B and a First Aid certificate.

      If you have any questions I will be very happy to answer any of your doubts 🙂 Can’t wait to meet your kids!

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