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      Bemybabysitter Aarhus is an online Platform that can facilitate babysitting needs relating to International Families by providing them with access to Babysitters that come from similar cultures and who they can comminucate with in their native tongue.

      Bemybabysitter was established by an expat mom who saw the need for this service as there was a visible lack of Babysitting services to cater for the International Families Living and working in Aarhus.

      We differ from other online babysitting services in that All our babysitters have been to a personal Interview and had to supply a Police Check before they are added to our database. We keep in contact with our babysitters and are constantly expanding our selection.

      We offer membership on a monthly and single use basis. We can also offer tailor made packages for families that are looking for a babysitter with specific qualifications, interests, availability, language that are not represented on our database.

      We also welcome applications from International students that have Babysitting experience and would like to join our database.

      All applications and queries can be forwarded to bemybabysitteraarhus@gmail.com

      We are currently endorsed and promoted by The International Community in Aarhus and Aarhus University(AU).

      Through networking with The International Mothers Group in Aarhus, InternationalFamilies and The International Community in Aarhus, Bemybabysitteraarhus identified that International Families found it difficult to find Babysitters. Aarhus is a very attractive workplace for International Families with Companies such as Siemens, Bestseller, Hummel, Arla and Lego in close Proxmity. With many Employees being recruited from abroad the International Community is continually growing and the needs changing.

      Aarhus being a University City attracts Students  from Countries Worldwide. Through Networking with International Students, Bemybabysitteraarhus was informed that  Students found it very difficult to find employment in Aarhus. They expressed that the main obstacle to gaining entry to the Workplace  in Aarhus was the Language barrier.

      It was this Knowledge that the Idea of Bemybabysitteraarhus was developed.

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